“Someone, ohhhhh, someone’s going to see! Ohhh, unh, unnnnh.”

“Who cares, faggot?”

“Noo! They’re going to see! Going… to… Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” I started cumming all over the hardware store wall. “Ohhhh, nnnnnhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuk!” Eyes were turning, people were moving this way. He pulled out, and I stood there for a few seconds panting.

I’m gonna get caught!

I yanked up my pants and turned. Ee was already gone. He’d fucked the cum out of me and just left me here to get caught.

“What are you do… ing,” a stern voice asked, and I turned, in panic, my still unbuttoned pants slipping from my grip to fall down to my knees, exposing my still semi-hard, dripping erection. His eyes went from my dick to the cum running down the wall. “I see,” he said in understanding, reaching down to grope his package.

“Sir, I…” I began, my eyes following his hand and getting stuck on his crotch, even after he took it away.