“Hey, new kid, get over here!” I heard one of the men yell. I rushed around the corner and then froze. I wasn’t sure if I’d learned his name yet, but then I wasn’t really looking at his face. He was standing there with his shirt off and his cock hanging out the fly of his dirty work pants. He looked… So solid, powerful, and virile. The more I stared at his cock, the weaker I felt.

His huge cock.

His uncut cock.

His beautiful cock.

I flashed back to earlier that day, to Dad yelling at me that I was a pussy boy and needed to learn what it meant to be a real man. He’d taken me directly to one of his construction sites and put me to work.

“Please, Sir!” I tried to protest, staring at the construction worker’s cock, wide eyed. I could feel my own dick start to stiffen in my pants, a pale imitation of his monster. “I’m supposed to be… I’m supposed to be working!”

“There’s only one reason someone like you comes to work at a job like this,” he scoffed derisively. “And you’re staring at it.” I felt my face burn hotter, but I still didn’t look away.

“N-no! My Dad, he made me… He said I needed to learn what it means to be a real man.” I whined, still fixated on his dick. It had been huge from the start, but it was getting even bigger as it got harder.

So hard now…

I could feel my own erection pressing pathetically against the crotch of my pants, barely managing to make the material bulge outward.

“That’s exactly what I’m about to teach you, faggot; what it means to be a man. For you, it means getting down on your knees. For me, it means pumping a load down your throat.” I groaned at his words. “Your daddy’s been in this business a long time, he knows what you are–you ain’t the first faggot to come around a construction site,” he said, reaching down and squeezing his cock, showing me how hard it had gotten. “Now crawl over here and get your education, faggot,” he ordered, “I’ll teach you all about real men.” My knees met the ground before I knew what was happening. I crawled forward, my stiff dick leaking into my pants as I did. I stopped right in front of him and looked up at his face for the first time. He was looking down at me, and I could see myself reflected in his sunglasses, kneeling like a bitch with his cock hanging out right in front of me. I lowered my eyes back to his cock, so close I could smell it… So close I could just…

“Daddy, I’m sorry,” I wispered, and then I let go, diving forward to take him into my mouth, desperate to learn everything I could about pleasing men. My mind filled with a montage of all the big, sweaty men I’d met so far that day, and I couldn’t wait to be on my knees before each and every one of them.