“See, I told you,” he said, putting his hands behind him and shifting to the side, showing me a new angle of his… his…

It was so hard, so big, and swollen… I could see his glans poking out of the taught foreskin. I could see his heart beating, sending little bursts of blood through the veins to make that rigid dick get even harder.

“Told… What?” I asked confused, unable to pull my eyes away from his cock.

“I told you I was a natural redhead, bro,” he clarified, rocking back and forth, swinging his dick right in front of me. I looked past the shaft momentarily, taking in his flaming red pubic hair, and then focused on his shaft again. Precum was leaking from the tip and was about to spill over the lip of his foreskin and run down the length of his shaft.

I watched, enraptured, watching the glistening liquid finally spill over and start to drip down the length of his cock.

“Better catch it!” He said suddenly, and without thinking I dived forward and pressed the tip of my tongue to the base of his shaft. I could feel his flaming pubes brushing against the underside of my tongue for a moment, and then I started moving up the shaft to meet the descending precum.

My tongue met the precum, continuing on to catch more of it. I shuddered and let out a moan of perverse delight.

“Haha, I knew you were a faggot. Keep going, there’s plenty more where that came from.”