I fought to hold in my laughter, listening to my yonger brother climb the stairs... I could swear I could hear the sloshing in his shoes. I heard him stop outside my door, and then he waited a few seconds, like he was getting himself together or something, before pushing open my door.

"You asshole." He said by way of greeting. I stayed where I was, facing away from him at my desk, so that he couldn't see my grin.

"What's the matter, get caught in the rain?" I called back to him.

"You asshole," he said again. "It was fucking pouring, why didn't you wait for me?"

"Because," I began turning to face him, "I thought it would be funny to..." I trailed off, my eyes falling to the crotch of his baseball pants. His cock. I could see his cock. "Make you... Walk."

"What's the matter, see something you like?" I could see him grinning in my periphreal vision, and he gave the door a little push, sending it swinging closed behind him.

But his cock... Why couldn't I stop looking at his cock? And... Why was I hard right now?

"You know what, bro?" he taunted, stepping forward. "I know how you're going to pay me back..."