Suddenly I felt the strangest sensation. It was like his cock suddenly expanded, swelling, growing a lot thicker.

“I’m really sorry, dude, I burst the condom. I’m real close though, do you want me to stop fucking you?”

“N-no! Don’t stop! Fuck me!” I was so close, I just needed him to hit that spot two, maybe three more times and then I could tell him to pull out.

I was ready to say it, my lips ready to let the words spill free the moment I went over the edge.

So close…


“Awww, fuck! Here it is! I'm cumming!” He growled, bucking wildly into me as I felt his cum start to spread through my insides and I went over the edge.

“Don’t—“I began, the readied words beginning, but they were wrong; I didn’t want him to stop anymore. I wanted him to put all of it in me. “—Cum! Cum! Cum! Awww, yesssss, cuuuummmmmm!”