“Nooo, stooop!” I cried out softly as I felt his arm pressing against my ass and taint as his hand jerked at my dick and nuts from underneath.

“Stop?” He laughed in my ear. “I’m going to make you cum, right here, in front of everybody.”

“Ohhhh, goddddd, nooo, I can’t–Stop–Can’t–” The room went silent as I trailed off into whorish moans and started cumming inside my singlet. He climbed off of me and left me there, writhing on the floor while everyone watched. It finally came to an end, and I rolled over onto my back, breathing heavy.

Slow at first, and then building like thunder, laughter broke out. I lifted my head weakly and looked down at myself and the obvious cum stain originating from my still obscenely swollen erection. The cum-soaked spandex was clinging to my cock, and I watched as more cum started to ooze through the material as I came a second time.